A greener world is a healthier world

In recent years, the general public and many leading figures in world industry have understood the importance of environmental concerns. Moneta, a company that is sensitive to customer satisfaction and to market change, has also chosen to tackle these issues head on, investing in products that involve eco-friendly production processes. CERAMICA_01® is the first step in this direction: once coated, the items are simply dried out in low-temperature ovens, with considerable energy savings, and this means lower CO2 emissions.

The aim is to increase understanding and raise awareness of our impact on the environment in order to see where to intervene and create development processes that limit the company’s effect on its surroundings.
Analyses and monitoring cover every stage in the production cycle:

- Greenhouse gas (GHG) verification of manufacturing, through application of the voluntary UNI ISO 14064:2006 standard;

- LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) analysis, which makes it possible to quantify, interpret and evaluate the potential environmental impact of products throughout their entire life cycle, from the extraction and processing of raw materials through to disposal at the end of the useful life of the product, including manufacture, transport, distribution and use.

- Procedures for social accountability certification (SA 8000) and for the environmental management system (ISO 14001)

- The decision to use packaging paper and cardboard from FSC or PEFC certified sources (sustainable use of forest resources)